2021 Summer League


Handicap League - 8 Weeks

Dual Format League – 600 Round Format and 300 Round Format @ 20 yds

Archers may shoot both formats, however, please be sure you can fully commit to BOTH. Each will require 6 handicap Scores. (Winter League ending average will be accepted for Handicap scores if shooting the 600 Round. All 300 Round participants will need 6 handicap scores.)

This league will NOT run unbalanced teams. Team assignments will be decided on a first come, first serve basis. If we have an odd number of participants, those Archers signing up LAST will be asked to SUB for the league or find another Archer to even out the teams. Sign up ASAP to insure we can evenly generate teams.

The League will be 8 weeks beginning May 31, 2021 and Ending on July 24, 2021

Registration Closes May 22nd.

Handicap Scores MUST be submitted by May 22nd.

This will be Open Shooting League where you can shoot your match any day / time / Range with SCORES Due by Friday of every week by 5 pm.

ALL SCORES MUST be emailed to vacmondayshoot@gmail.com 

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